Laini Kavaloski
Department of English
State University of New York at Canton
34 Cornell Drive, 522 MacArthur Hall
Canton, New York 13617

ACADEMIC EMPLOYMENT_______________________________________

2015- present  Assistant Professor of English, State University of New York at Canton


Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison, English (2015)

M.A. Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, Literary Studies

B.A. Edgewood College, Madison, Wisconsin, English

RESEARCH AND TEACHING INTERESTS____________________________
Digital media poetics, twentieth and twenty-first century American literature, critical security studies, digital game design, transnational American Studies, diaspora, transmedial narratology, graphic narratives


“Security Games: The Coded Logics of the Playable War on ISIS.” Critical                                            Studies on Security 6.1 (2018), 100-117.

“Digital Jews.” MLA Approaches to Teaching Jewish-American Literature. Edited by                      Roberta Rosenberg and Rachel Rubenstein. New York: Modern Language                                Association, forthcoming 2018.

“Adventures in Augmented Reality: Place-based Game Design in University                                           Courses.” Teacher Pioneers: Visions from the Edge of the Map, edited by Caro                       Williams, Pittsburgh: Carnegie Mellon University Press, 2016.

“Contested Spaces in Graphic Narrative: Refiguring Intersecting Homelands through             Miriam Libicki’s jobnik!: an american girl’s adventures in the israeli army.”                         Studies in Comics 6.2 (2015), 231-51.

“Territorializing the Good Life: Fetishism of Commodity and Homeland in Nicole Krauss’s             Great House.” The Good Life and the Greater Good in a Global                                                   Context. Eds.Laura E. Savu. New York: Rowman and Littlefield, 2015.

Bernard Kops: Fantasist, London Jew, Apocalyptic Humorist.” Comparative                                  Drama 48.3 (2014), 315-18.

MANUSCRIPTS IN PROGRESS________________________________

The In/Security of New Media: Palimpsest, Procedure, Network

This book project argues that rhetorical infrastructures in emerging media forms are creating an alternate conception of territoriality/colonial topography. That is, the structures themselves, the networks, palimpsests, and procedures that constitute these forms are significantly shifting conventional perceptions of bounded territory. In areas of conflict, these digital forms reshape feelings of belonging, military processes, and modes of resistance. In particular, the media forms in this project focus on the relationship between discourses of contemporary homeland and increasingly militarized and bounded spaces of imagined return and redemption in the US, Israel/Palestine, and beyond. A comparative media method structures In/Security of New Media to place contemporary writers such as Nicole Krauss into conversation with emerging literary forms such as a graphic novel by Miriam Libicki, the Israeli activist site, digital games such as IS Defense, This War of Mine and PeaceMaker. Transmedial representations of increasingly global conflict reveal that representations of homeland have become tied to militarized and often sacralized processes of possession and retaliation.


ACADEMIC AWARDS and HONORS_______________________________

2017 Principal Investigator, SUNY IITG Grant for collaborative Digital Studio and                            research. $60,000 awarded.

2015 Chancellor’s Dissertation Fellowship Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison                           (declined)
2015 Innovation in Teaching Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus-Wide                       Teaching Award (4 given, out of 2,000 TAs on campus)
2014 HASTAC Scholar: Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Alliance and                                   Collaboratory, Duke University
2013 English Department Summer Dissertator Fellowship Award, University of                                  Wisconsin-Madison
2013 Dartmouth Futures of American Studies Scholarship Award, Department of English,              University of Wisconsin-Madison
2013 Hermes World Literature Consortium Fellowship Award, Hermes Symposium,                         Madison, Wisconsin
2013 Natelson Award for the Best Jewish Studies Student 2012-2013, Mosse/Weinstein                    Center for Jewish Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2012 Lipton Essay Award for Best Graduate Essay in Jewish Studies, Mosse/Weinstein                     Center for Jewish Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison,
2012 Robert and Lynn Berman Scholarship Award for Travel, Mosse/Weinstein Center for               Jewish Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2011 Chair’s Essay Prize for Best Essay by a PhD student in English, Department of                             English, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2011 Bernice D. Kuney Scholarship Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2002 Lafer Scholarship Prize for Outstanding Thesis Research, Hebrew University,                             Jerusalem, Israel

“Transversal, Maker-based Pedagogies: From the Classroom to the Public Sphere.” The                       Teaching of Literature and the Public Humanities Panel. Modern Language                             Association Convention. New York, NY, January 2018.
“Geopolitical Bodies: Reading Insecurity through Jewish Graphic Narratives.” Mapping                       Jewish Geographies Panel. Modern Language Association Convention. New                            York, NY, January 2018.
“Interactive Homelands: Processes of Play and Resistance in Digital Games.” Colonialism                   and Digital Games Panel. National Women’s Studies Association Conference.                          Montreal, Canada, November 2016.
“Diffractive Games: The Structures and Logics of the Playable War on ISIS.” War Seminar                  Symposium. Colgate University, September 2016.
“Teaching Augmented Reality Games as Historiography.” Games in Education                                       Conference. Troy, NY August 2016.
“Fragmentary Returns: Object Fetishism in Post-Holocaust Literature.”                                                   Modern Language Association Convention. Austin, Texas, January 2016.
“Intimate Activist Technologies: Universities, Surveillance and Participatory Mapping.”                      Performance Philosophy Conference, University of Chicago, April 10-13, 2015.
“Digital Homelands: Refiguring Landscapes and Belonging in” Modern                            Language Association Convention, MLA Presidential Theme Session, Vancouver,                  Canada, January 2015.
“Inquiry and Learning Through Mobile Game Design.” Games and Learning Society                             Conference, Madison, Wisconsin, June 10-13, 2014.
Panel Co-organizer, American Studies Association Conference, “The Politics and Practices                 of Exuberant Homecomings.” Los Angeles, CA, November 6-9, 2014.
“Digital Homelands: Co-Territorialism in Israel and Palestine.” American Studies                                 Association Conference, Los Angeles, CA, November 6-9, 2014.
“Contested Spaces in Graphic Narrative: Refiguring Bordered Homelands through Miriam                 Libicki’s jobnik! and Sarah Glidden’s How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or                         Less.” Graphic Details: Communities of Experience Conference. London, UK,                         November 11- 13, 2014.
“Messianic Architectures: Fetishism of Territory and Commodity in Nicole Krauss’s Great                   House.” Dartmouth Futures of American Studies Institute, Dartmouth College,                     NH June 17-22, 2013.
“Performing Violence and Victory: Kairos and the Politics of Memorial Narratives in                             Israel.” The Arts of Jewish Memory Symposium, University of Chicago, February                   2013.

Organizer and Panel Chair at the National Women’s Studies Association. “Memorial Panel                 for Shulamith Firestone and Adrienne Rich.” Oakland, CA, November 2012.

RESEARCH AND GRANT WRITING_______________________________

2017 Principal Investigator for IITG (Innovative Instruction Technology Grant).  SUNY-wide Grant to start digital writing lab at SUNY Canton. Includes space renovation, games consuls and software, independent server, moveable and configurable furniture, and writeable walls. $60,000 granted.

2014-2015 Project Assistant, Digital Humanities Initiative, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Assisted with the development of digital studies infrastructure in the university and the English Department including Grant applications (Proctor and Gamble; Adobe; Mellon); built support across sciences and humanities at UW-Madison for an interdisciplinary Design Center that addresses real-world problems through design thinking and interdisciplinary design solutions; and developed English Department collaboration with local communities to develop transmedia storytelling projects.

2014-2015 Project Assistant on Global Midwest Mellon Grant, an interdisciplinary collaboration between UW-Madison, U of Iowa, and U of Minnesota to create community storytelling infrastructures in juvenile justice programs and VA hospitals and other groups.

2013-present ARIS (Augmented Reality Interactive Storytelling) International Instructional Development Group. Compiling and creating materials for the accessible learning and teaching of ARIS games for communities, museums, and schools.

2011- 2013 Research Assistant to Professor Susan Friedman, University of Wisconsin- Madison. Assisted with editing, research, and administration for Comparison: Theories Approaches Uses (Johns Hopkins UP, 2014); Provocations: A Planetary Modernist Studies for the Twenty-First Century (Columbia UP, 2015); and Sisters of Scheherazade: Muslim Feminisms and Diasporic Women’s Writing (forthcoming).

2011-2012 Editorial Assistant to Susan Stanford Friedman, editor, Contemporary Women’s Writing Journal, Oxford University Press.

TEACHING ___________________________________________________

English 270 Writing, Games, and New Media: This course explores the creative practices                       and theories of writing in new media through graphic narratives, visual                                     images, maps, and games. Students will learn digital literary and communication                   skills by utilizing industry design frames like CAT, experience design,                                       information design, information architecture. Exploring the stories and maps of                     our own lives as well as  local New York archives, we will learn methods for                             thinking and living in the 21st century while contributing to the future of the                           New York experience.
English 395 Digital Graphic Narratives: This course asks how graphic narratives shift from                    print to digital medium. In order to answer this question, students explore the                        literary, architectural, interactive, and design elements of graphic narratives by                      reading and engaging novels, online memoirs, and narrative games written from                    the 1970s to the present. Students critique several germinal graphic works and                      then apply their knowledge of this visual medium to create their own effective                        graphic narratives. The class will design original graphic works in various                                software platforms (Google Earth, Comic Life, InDesign, Pixton, Comic Maker)                      using both literary and design frameworks.

2013-2014 Teaching Assistant and Consultant at UW- DesignLab, University of                                       Wisconsin-Madison. Consulted with students and faculty at DesignLab, a writing                   center for media projects that supports design arguments and experience design                   in multimedia platforms using image, text, sound, and data. Led several media                       design and media assignment workshops for faculty.

2010- 2015 Teaching Assistant, English Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Eng 571 Remix, Mash up, and Digital Design in Literature
Eng 550 Studies in Criticism: Smart Media and Critical Information Design
Eng 177 Stories, Maps, Media: Designing the Wisconsin Experience
Eng 177 The Graphic Novel
Eng 169 Violence in Modern American Literature

2004-2010 Lecturer, English Department and Women’s and Gender Studies Program,                   Edgewood College, Madison, Wisconsin
Eng 259 Comics, Politics, and Death
Eng 259 Faulkner and Morrison
Eng 250 Contemporary Caribbean Writers
Eng 210 Introduction to Literature
WGS/Eng 159 Literature and Gender Studies
INS 150 The Fairy Tale in our Cultural Consciousness
WGS/Eng 150 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies
Eng 110 College Composition
Eng 101, 102 Research Writing

PROFESSIONAL SERVICE_________________________________________
2015-present School of Liberal Arts Professional Development Committee, SUNY-Canton
2013-2015 Co-director of Contemporary Literature Colloquium, UW-Madison
2011-2014 Graduate Student Committee, Department of English, UW-Madison
2011-2012 Vilas Research Grants Committee, UW-Madison
2010-2013 Chair of the Jewish Caucus, National Women’s Studies Association

Hebrew (fluent speaking and reading)
French (proficient reading)

DIGITAL MEDIA PRODUCTION____________________________________

“UW-Madison’s Graphic Novels.” Collaboratively created website with 60 students in            English 169, “The Graphic Novel”. Digital assignments included
leading students to create a UW-Madison graphic novel website with                                         interactive timelines, splash page, book reviews, film clips, and live links

“Remembering a Future: A Digital Performance of Memorial Narratives in Israel,” Smart    media project for public presentation using Keynote, Garage Band, and iMovie.                      Presented at the National Women’s Studies Association, Atlanta, November,                          2011.

“All Aboard: Wisconsin Death Trip,” collaborative, interactive Prezi museum project using Information Architecture, Information Design, and Experience Design concepts.                   Based on Wisconsin Death Trip by Michael Lesy, 2011.

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS___________________________________
2014-Present Games Learning Society
2014-Present HASTAC
2012-Present American Studies Association
2012-Present Association of Jewish Studies
2008-Present Modern Language Association
2008-Present National Women’s Studies Association


Susan Stanford Friedman
Director, Institute for Research in the Humanities
Virginia Woolf Professor of English and Women’s Studies
7103 Helen C. White Hall, 
600 Park Street
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI 53706

Michael Bernard-Donals
Vice Provost
Nancy Hoefs Professor of English
117 Bascom Hall
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI 53706

Jon McKenzie
Visiting Professor of English
Dean’s Fellow for Media and Design
104 Klarman Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

Russ Castronovo
Dorothy Draheim Professor of English
7195 Helen C. White Hall, 600 Park Street
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI 53706