State University of New York-Canton, 2015-present

English 314 Digital Graphic Storytelling: This course asks how graphic narratives shift from print to digital medium. In order to answer this question, students explore the literary, architectural, interactive, and design elements of graphic narratives by reading and engaging novels, online memoirs, and narrative games written from the 1970s to the present. Students critique several germinal graphic works and then apply their knowledge of this visual medium to create their own digital games and graphic narratives. Students design original graphic works in various software platforms (Google Earth, ARIS, Comic Life, InDesign, Pixton, Comic Maker) using both literary and design frameworks.

English 270 Writing, Games, and New Media: This course explores the creative practices and theories of writing in new media through graphic narratives, visual images, digital maps, and video games. Students learn digital literary and communication skills by utilizing industry design frames like CAT, user experience, information design, and information architecture. Exploring the stories and maps of our lives as well as local New York archives, students begin to create our own archives in the form of augmented reality games, online comics, and interactive mapping projects.

English 350 Electronic Literature: From Cybertext to Video Games

English 290 Mobile Media, Stories, and Games

English 214 Contemporary American Fiction

English 211 Modern American Novel

University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2010-2015
Consultant at UW- DesignLab, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Consulted with students and faculty at DesignLab, a writing center for media projects that supports design arguments and experience design in multimedia platforms using image, text, sound, and data. Led media design and media assignment workshops for faculty.

Eng 571 Remix, Mashup, and Digital Design
Eng 550 Studies in Criticism: Smart Media and Critical Information Design
Eng 177 Stories, Maps, Media: Designing the Wisconsin Experience
Eng 177 The Graphic Novel
Eng 169 Violence in Modern American Literature

Edgewood College, Madison, Wisconsin, 2004-2010

Eng 259 Comics, Politics, and Death
Eng 259 Faulkner and Morrison
Eng 250 Contemporary Caribbean Writers
Eng 210 Introduction to Literature
WGS/Eng 159 Literature and Gender Studies
INS 150 The Fairy Tale in our Cultural Consciousness
WGS/Eng 150 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies
Eng 110 College Composition
Eng 101, 102 Research Writing

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